Introducing NetDirector®, Our Digital Retailing Suite

Our Omnichannel Digital Retailing Suite serves Retailers, OEMs, Financiers and Fleet Suppliers within the automotive industry. It harnesses every element of our digital, retention and data solutions and consists of 6 open and scalable products. All of which can connect to each other as well as your existing systems to form an all-encompassing solution, proven to simplify your vehicle sales operation.

Our proprietary NetDirector® Omnichannel Digital Retailing Suite acts as the foundation of our offering. Home to state-of-the-art solutions and intuitive products, this suite helps to connect our customers with their consumers at every phase of the purchasing journey both online and offline. From vehicle selection, and part exchange to finance calculations, down payments, service bookings and beyond.

Ultimately, it provides a seamless experience for all parties involved, while reducing cost of sales and increasing customer loyalty regardless of whether you are a Retailer, OEM, Financier or Fleet Supplier.

Using our wealth of industry talent and experience we have fine-tuned this offering to deliver enhanced efficiency, an optimised user experience, minimised exposure to residual value risk as well as maximised yield and return on investment.

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Our Vision

Automotive Transformation Group have been delivering value and innovation for over 20 years, helping Retailers, OEMs, Financiers and Fleet Suppliers sell millions of cars in line with rapid evolution.

Our NetDirector® Digital Retailing Suite draws on this experience to deliver a range of solutions to the complex and common challenges we know the industry is facing. It has been fine-tuned over the years to make the vehicle sales process easier and more enjoyable for customers, while allowing them to make important decisions regarding the future proofing of their business.

Shining a spotlight on the seamless transition between the online and offline journey has paved the way for the developement of innovative products. All of which are proven to increase retention, optimise sales operations and better connect our customers with their consumers, to ultimately maximise their vehicle sales and return on investment.



The Automotive Transformation Group make bold claims regarding the products they offer and the support you’ll receive, and they deliver on every word. We are delighted with our new NetDirector® Auto-e platform. It’s innovative and clean while remaining authentic to our brand identity and we truly appreciate the effort that went into ensuring our business objectives were met. The training and regular contact provided by our account manager has allowed our confidence in the platform to thrive and we’ve been extremely impressed by the level of control that we have over web page content and advertising. We would not hesitate in recommending the Automotive Transformation Group as your digital transformation partner. Stewart McQuillan
Sales Director - OMC Motor Group
I’ve worked with the Automotive Transformation Group over the last 10 years at Marriott Motor Group and at another leading retailer group because they are the experts at what they do. There is a reason they are the class leading group when looking at their software and the people. I trust the Automotive Transformation Group when designing and operating something that reflects the businesses as they know what works and how to make the best product possible for us. The ability to have to have an open conversation and build great relationships with the team has meant we are at the forefront of the dealer and ecommerce market, staying ahead of the industry trends and able to adjust the platform very quickly to reflect this. Robert Mitchell
Head of Digital Marketing - Marriott Motor Group Limited
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