Our Brands

The Automotive Transformation Group was created in July 2021, with the coming together of leading automotive industry suppliers, Autofutura and GForces. Headquartered out of the United Kingdom, with multiple offices around the globe, both companies have specialised in the fast-changing automotive sector since their inception. 

The global automotive industry is rapidly evolving, with significant growth in ecommerce, mobility and evolving vehicle ownership models. Now more than ever, the ability to retain customer loyalty, through a seamless and engaging customer experience, with personalised finance offerings, is key to growth and sustainable success. As is the ability to identity and track emerging industry trends, as well as anticipate, plan and react from a commercial perspective. 


We are the trusted partner of many of the world’s largest car manufacturers, finance organisations, fleet operators and retailers, with decades of experience in delivering innovative and results-driven data and technology solutions. Our data management, lead management, loyalty and retention software solutions and consultancy services offer customers game-changing technology for precise results.  

Specialising in pricing, asset risk management, assimilation and analysis, we harness data intelligence to drive informed decision making, merging raw data with real brainpower.

We enable our customers to make informed strategic decisions and to retain existing customers, acquire new customers and manage their business more effectively, with the benefit of significant time savings as well as transparent and auditable management reporting.  

We’re transforming today’s technology to build tomorrow’s innovations in the sector, analysing industry trends through our bespoke specialised software to help our customers improve sales, gain market share and mitigate risk. 

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We deliver class-leading automotive ecommerce transformation through our online vehicle sales platform, real-time programmatic marketing and intelligent process automation throughout the UK, Europe, America, APAC and MENA.  

GForces helps automotive retailers and manufacturers meet the challenge of delivering to today’s connected consumer. Our digital engineers forge next-generation technology and software, from leading-edge in-showroom technology and vehicle inventory solutions, to fully end-to-end online car purchasing journeys. We then combine it with consumer intelligence, based on billions of interactions. The results help our clients nurture more dynamic, productive and profitable relationships with their customers. You’ll find our NetDirector® software empowering independent retailers, large dealer groups and manufacturers around the world.  

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