Supporting Fleet Suppliers with Next-Level Inventory and Asset Risk Management

The complexities associated with managing large order volumes across multiple regions are of no concern to customers of the Automotive Transformation Group. Be it through our NetDirector® SalesMaster offering or our NetDirector® Autofutura toolkit, we work with Fleet Suppliers to give them full visibility of their inventory and leasing companies / finance providers to facilitate residual value forecasting and fleet revaluations. We streamline their order processing operation; provide them with a user-friendly booking interface and help them to make strategic decisions about when to acquire and dispose of their vehicles.

Regardless of whether your fleet consists of contract hire, PCP / HP financed, rentals or courtesy vehicles, our tools are completely flexible and come with multiple integration opportunities as standard, allowing you to configure a solution to best suit your needs.

NetDirector® SalesMaster The tools within our NetDirector® SalesMaster offering have been crafted by industry specialists who have developed an unparalleled understanding of challenges faced by Fleet suppliers. From inventory management to order processing we provide them with infrastructure they can rely on, adorned by top of the range functionality described in the product offering below.
NetDirector® Autofutura Over 20yrs experience supplying market leading residual value, fleet revaluation and data solutions to contract hire & leasing companies, financiers, rental companies and OEMs across the UK and Europe.

Providing residual value software, solutions and data to 10 of the top 15 (FN50) leasing companies, NetDirector® Autofutura helps fleet operators minimise their exposure to residual value risk to ultimately increase profitability.
Our Customers We build trusted relationships with Fleet suppliers around the world to ensure they don't just have confidence in the products we deliver, they have full confidence in us, and we'd like to thank them for their ongoing support.
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