Supporting Independent Dealers and Global Franchises through Continual Change

We understand that the rapid development of technology will continue to evolve the world of automotive retail. However, our decades of experience and extensive in-house data suggest there is still an undeniable demand for the in-person showroom experience. Automotive Transformation Group is home to a variety of omnichannel solutions designed to help Retailers navigate continual change and future-proof their business.

We work with both independent dealers and global franchises, meaning that regardless of whether you’re looking to adopt vehicle detail pages or top-of-the-range ecommerce, advanced checkout facilities, we can tailor our products to best suit your business needs.

Along with the tools mentioned below, we also offer wide range of innovative video capabilities which have been carefully crafted with Sales Executives in mind. These can be found within our NetDirector® Showcase offering, and include virtual vehicle tours, live calls, and AI software that can transform your static images into captivating video courtesy of integration partners like Phyron and Snapcell.

NetDirector® Auto-e From our leading New and Used Vehicle Locators to our end-to-end checkout facilities, there is a myriad of features within our NetDirector® Auto-e product offering. All of which have been carefully crafted to make it easier and more enjoyable for Retailers to connect with their connected consumers.
Our Customers We're proud to work with both local, independent and globally franchised vehicle retailers across the world, supporting them through rapid evolution.
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