Making Buying Cars Easy

In the summer of 2021, we announced the industry-shifting launch of Automotive Transformation Group - your leading provider of automotive retailing solutions to the automotive sector. We exist to free our customers from the shackles of complicated vehicle sales, delivering alternative seamless solutions that make the process more enjoyable for both customer and consumer.

We are committed to delivering mobility via our digital, retention and data solutions, and understand that in doing so we have embarked on a perpetual journey. Regardless of whether you are a Retailer, OEM, Financier or Fleet Supplier, as long as adversity remains, we will continue to develop new methods of future proofing your business, using an omnichannel approach and with the consumer journey in mind.
Our Heritage Where GForces created award-winning ecommerce platforms, SalesMaster developed the inventory management capabilities to take these to the next level. Likewise, where Autofutura and Chrysalis were pioneers in retention, trade-cycle management and asset-risk forecasting, our opportunities for customer loyalty are now endless.

Derived from these 4 leading technology companies within the automotive space, Automotive Transformation Group bring a wealth of combined talent and experience to the table. Throughout this time, we have witnessed the impact rapid evolution can have on this industry, and though we have every confidence it will continue to navigate these challenges, it is our privilege to not only support, but empower, organisations during these times of unprecedented change.

Meet The Team The Automotive Transformation Group is steered by our executive team comprised of representatives from our heritage brands. Having worked for both Vehicle Manufacturers and Retailers, each board member has experienced the challenges faced by those within the industry and is therefore well-acquainted with the opportunities our customers seek to embrace. Hear from our Executive Chairman at the helm...

Despite the rapid development of ecommerce technology, the world of automotive retail has shown reluctance to adapt. At least, until now.

We have united the experience and expertise of four industry leaders, to create The Automotive Transformation group. Empowering Retailers, OEMs, Financiers and Fleet Suppliers to embrace digital transformation at a pace that suits them, through our scalable and omnichannel, fully integrated solutions.
Tim Smith, Chief Executive Officer
Careers at Automotive Transformation Group Since forming the Group and embarking on a period of rapid growth and development, there has never been a more exciting time to join us on this journey to become the leader provider of automotive solutions across the globe. We are committed to creating new products, investing in new ventures and developing our teams to truly become a key innovator of change. So, if you’re looking for new opportunities, then we could well be looking for you too!

What We Offer

From flexible working to electric vehicle schemes, the Automotive Transformation Group offers a variety of benefits to becoming a member of the team.

Our employees are all given access to the resources they need to reach, if not exceed, their potential, including career progression opportunities, personalised equipment, attractive holiday packages and online learning platforms.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) 
Our Partners From AWS to Auto Trader, you can find a selection of our industry partnerships below. We work with market leaders, fellow innovators and marketing service providers to ensure our customers always receive the best products and services.