The Automotive Transformation Group

Streamline the customer journey to accelerate automotive sales

Transforming the automotive sales process

The Automotive Transformation Group is unique. The first of our kind in the industry, we have a clear vision – to revolutionise the vehicle sales process and enable billions in online sales and value chain efficiencies.  

The way we buy and sell consumer goods has been transformed by technology, but traditionally the automotive sector has lagged in keeping pace with changing consumer habits. Due to the complexity of the car buying process and its multiple stakeholders, integrating systems and data successfully has been troublesome. The market has been crying out for a data-led, global and market-ready solution to join up the dots  - seamlessly connecting car maker, finance provider, dealer and consumer to optimise the entire customer journey, enabling scalable online transactions, across multiple markets and territories. This is the core of the Automotive Transformation Group. 

We are the trusted partner of many of the world’s largest car manufacturers, finance organisations and retailers, with decades of experience in delivering innovative and results-driven data and technology solutions. Offering an unrivalled portfolio of tools, solutions and services, we were created to underpin the transition of automotive retail to a truly omnichannel future. 

£3bn transactions
per year

Over 10,000
digital platforms

Deployed in 96

We enable online transactions for our partners and remove the structural barriers