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Automotive retail will never be the same again. Consumers have discovered the convenience of online purchasing but hold dear the value of an in-person showroom experience and as a result they demand seamless transitions between the two.

Automotive Transformation Group draw on next-generation digital, data and retention technology to help Retailers, OEMs, Financiers and Fleet suppliers satisfy this insatiable appetite for a truly omnichannel experience. By doing so we create tangible cost savings for our customers, helping them to improve operational efficiency and ultimately stay agile in the face of rapid evolution.

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Delivering Complete Visibility With so much industry experience and recognised talent within the team, Automotive Transformation Group is perfectly placed to provide customers with a level of visibility they did not know they needed. Helping them to make strategic inventory decisions that will future proof their business.

We will always put the power in the hands of our customer, allowing them to make informed business decisions with conviction. Whether we’re providing them with full visibility of current and pipeline stock with NetDirector® SalesMaster; delivering reliable forecasts with NetDirector® Autofutura; or ensuring consumers stay within dealer-owned websites when purchasing a vehicle via NetDirector® Auto-e. We put our customers behind the wheel of their business.

More than that, we are data-driven, making us one of the industry’s key players in Business Intelligence. Our NetDirector® BI service hosts unrivalled, unrestricted in-house data, further informing important business decisions, but also allowing us to develop the products we know the industry needs most.

>1M Sales Our products have helped customers sell millions of vehicles despite rapid evolution.
85 Countries Our products are being used in 85 countries around the world.
30 Languages Our products have been translated into 30 languages across the globe.
Our Customers & Partners We partner with some of the world’s leading innovators, marketing service providers and other household names to help us to achieve our vision of automotive transformation.