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Forecast and risk evaluation software that Financiers can rely on From consumer loyalty to equity and parity, Automotive Transformation Group are committed to cultivating perfect harmony between the most competitive pricing and residual value risk. One of the foremost global providers of residual value forecasting software, we are trusted by leading Financiers across the globe.

We understand the integral role that residual value risk plays in the success of your organisation. And, while you strive to carefully balance this risk with competitive pricing, the necessity to comply with accounting obligations is paramount.

Our technology-led solutions offer an alternative to the audit minefield experienced by Finance Providers and can deliver data-driven insights, offering a proven approach at every level.

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NetDirector® Powered by Automotive Transformation Group Omnichannel Retailing. Right here. Right now. Reduce the cost of acquisition and watch your consumer upgrades rocket, while knowing you're protected from residual value risk with our award-winning solutions.
NetDirector® Autofutura The Forecast and Recalc tools within our NetDirector® Autofutura product are used by many of the world’s leading automotive funders. More than a financial assessment tool, this product takes the weight off their shoulders and supports them with compliance and accounting obligations via a systematic and auditable approach.

Supported by experts in the field of portfolio management, NetDirector® Autofutura is comprised of two data-driven software applications, which when combined demonstrate an all-encompassing risk management tool kit that Financiers can rely on. Delivering an accurate, consistent and proven residual value solution to help Financiers increase yield.

P360 P360 is one of our most powerful and popular products within our NetDirector® digital retailing suite. This platform has the ability to identify which customers should be contacted and when for optimal retention and satisfaction. Bolstered by the well-established power and security of Oracle software, finance calculations can be carried out instantly with ease, and can be scaled accordingly.
Key2Key Convenience is at the heart of this software-as-a-service (SaaS) application. With personal landing pages that feature side-by-side comparisons of current and pipeline stock. Key2Key encourages customers to access personalised offers at a time that best suits them.

By utilising existing rates, discounts and incentives, this revolutionary tool can source and deliver new vehicle packages to consumers in seconds, ensuring more frequent upgrades. The software can also deliver unlimited avenues for data mining to inspire constant innovation and satisfy the industry’s evolving demands.
NetDirector® Retain The global automotive sector is rapidly evolving, which means it is now more important than ever before to retain consumer loyalty, be it through seamless, omnichannel user experiences or via tailored offers and incentives.

By harnessing technology from some of the leading global providers of loyalty solutions, our NetDirector® Retain products contain everything a customer could need to foster consumer allegiance. This can benefit Finance Providers of the automotive industry tenfold through early customer renewals, increased portfolio size and market share.

Hear from our customers Customer satisfaction couldn’t be more important to us here at Automotive Transformation Group. We encourage continual customer feedback to help us optimise our service and deliver long-term value to their organisations.

Since 2014, we have been engaging dealers with Automotive Transformation Group’s Retention product Key2Key, focusing their activity on customer retention, allowing Honda UK to sell more cars and bikes. The team at Automotive Transformation Group have developed an understanding of our business objectives in line with the evolving finance industry, by taking the time to establish a partnership with us, meaning they can offer tailored, optimised solutions. We would not hesitate to recommend Key2Key and look forward to seeing what more we can achieve with Automotive Transformation Group in the future. Xavier Morgan
Marketing & European Partnerships Department Manager - Honda Financial Services