Hear from Automotive Transformation Group’s Beloved Boomerang Employees

We are proud to announce that our Boomerang Employees make up more than 3% of Automotive Transformation Group’s entire workforce…

Ultimately, contributing to our current retention rate which is just shy of 90%!

To understand why it is that our employees returned to our organisation, we sat down with some of them to discuss their experiences, along with any advice they might have for prospective new recruits…

Bearsted, United Kingdom, 28 July 2022 – Since the announcement of our recent merger last year, we have embarked on a period of exponential growth. We are committed to supporting our current workforce by increasing headcount in line with our growing product range and budget. New starters continue to begin every month. In fact, we have created almost 80 jobs so far this year in a variety of different capacities. However, it is important that while we explore a wide range of recruitment methods, we pay close attention to our existing colleagues and prioritise our staff retention throughout.

So far this year, Automotive Transformation Group are extremely proud to have maintained an 86% staff retention rate. And, as we continue to further invest and listen to our employees through engagement surveys, company-wide (face-to-face) events, benefit schemes and flexible working options, this rate is expected to reach 92% come December 2022. We remain committed to creating an enjoyable and supportive company culture that fosters both morale and productivity, but we understand this can be hard to measure objectively. One way that has helped us do this is tracking our high level of Boomerang Employees…

Anthony Klutz initially predicted the rise in ‘Boomerang Employees’ following the recent ‘Great Resignation.’ The term is used to describe employees who choose to leave an organisation only to return later on. Their reasons for leaving can range dramatically, from the exploration of different career paths, to major life events (such as relocation, family commitments and medical reasons), however in all cases, the employee is happy to return and pleased to be reunited with familiar faces.

Our Boomerang Employees make up over 3% of our organisation, and have helped us to gain an insight into the status of our company culture, from team spirit to career development opportunities. So, if you are a prospective applicant and would like to know what could be waiting for you here at Automotive Transformation Group, why not hear from the employees who have experienced other organisations and have chosen to return.

Over the last month, we have sat down with some of our very own Boomerang Employees to discuss what they are most excited for about their return and if they have any advice for potential new recruits. Here is what they had to say…

George – We spoke to George Kouchakji, who became associated with Automotive Transformation Group in 2014 when he was initially employed as a Software Support Specialist. Just three months later he was promoted to Project Manager and went on to spend three years in this role before he made the decision to embark on a new challenge, which included relocating to Europe.

However, when he arrived back to the UK in May 2022, George decided to return to Automotive Transformation Group as an Enterprise PMO, excited by the endless opportunities for career development brought about by the recent merger. Since returning, George has been welcomed back with open arms, and is pleased to see the maturity of management continue to prevail. When asked about what advice he would give to prospective applicants he said:

“I would encourage any prospective employee to ask their potential Line Manager (during their interview) about the development opportunities we will, not can, but WILL provide you- as I strongly believe this is the reason for our impressive retention rate.”

George Kouchakji, Enterprise PMO, Automotive Transformation Group

Anna – We also heard from Anna Alciauskiene, who was initially hired as a Senior Programme Manager in 2017, however two years later, family commitments propelled her to leave her role here at Automotive Transformation Group. We could not be happier to see Anna return this year, working in a new department with familiar faces in different capacities. Although challenging at times she says she is excited for the many changes happening within the group and opportunities these changes pose. We went on to ask what her favourite thing was about working at Automotive Transformation Group and she added:

“On my first day I was told that Automotive Transformation Group was a company that allowed you to grow and it’s absolutely true! They are continually dedicated to improving all areas of work and have a healthy view on work-life balance, allowing you to put your family first.”

Anna Alciauskiene, Programme Manager, Automotive Transformation Group

Julie – Meanwhile, Julie Kegode recently returned to Automotive Transformation Group in June following a year away to explore a completely different industry. She says she felt fully supported by the group, particularly when she took advantage of our exciting relocation opportunities and began working from our Dubai office in 2018 (three years after starting out).

Since returning, Julie is excited by the increased range of solutions and though they can pose new challenges for the team at times, the rewards are vast. She went on to say…

“Automotive Transformation Group have seen me grow in many ways, both professionally and personally, and I am grateful for their consistent support and ongoing encouragement to be myself.”

Julie Kegode, Senior Project Manager, Automotive Transformation Group

We have seen a wealth of benefits associated with what the corporate world consider to be an ‘untapped pool of talent.’ Boomerang Employees bring with them a familiarity with daily tasks and responsibilities; a faster, more cost-effective onboarding process; pre-established relationships with colleagues, existing client connections and so much more. We truly value the experience they have gained from working in other industries and capacities, as it helps us gain an insight into how we can further improve our business.

It was a joy to see so many of our Boomerang Employees reference our team spirit and we take immense pride in sharing their shining testimonials with you. More than that, our high level of boomerang employees illustrate just how much our team love working with us, and they have done an incredible job reassuring the 50+ new starters we have had so far this year that they are in the right place having chosen Automotive Transformation Group.

If you are interested in a career with Automotive Transformation Group, then take a look at our live vacancies.


About Automotive Transformation Group

As the huge global automotive market shifts rapidly towards digitalisation, mirroring the move seen in other consumer good sectors, the Automotive Transformation Group, comprised of Autofutura and GForces, was created with a clear mission – to transform the automotive sales process.

Offering the industry’s first global and scalable solution for automated vehicle lifecycle management, we integrate data, products, services and technology across our portfolio to connect OEMs, financiers, dealers and consumers in the most efficient way possible. Driving seamless, real-time transactions, simplifying the customer journey and improving customer retention, our market-leading solutions and omnichannel platform support our customers in embracing the opportunities available through the delivery of a truly omnichannel consumer journey.

Automotive Transformation Group is the trusted digital partner for more than 20 car manufacturers in over 10,000 locations across 96 countries and currently handles a transaction every 3.5 minutes ($4.25 billion per year).

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