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Connecting the dots of omnichannel retailing OEMs are facing an evolving landscape escalated by the industry shift in sales models. We are proud to put OEMs behind the wheel of every new sale with our retailing solutions. Following a data agency approach, we allow OEMs to take control of their sales processes, automatically scale their branding and remove unnecessary costs.

Whether you’re interested in acquisition, retention or both, the products and services within our Fusion suite facilitate an ongoing seamless consumer experience to improve retention rates and reduce the cost of acquisition.

To learn how Fusion can transform your brand, request a demo today.

NetDirector® powered by Automotive Transformation Group Omnichannel Retailing. Right here. Right now. Next-generation technology for the consumers of today, helping OEMs to broaden their acquisition and retention capabilities. We connect brands with their consumer using a seamless experience.
Acquisition Acquisition should be a key element to any successful business development strategy, and while the automotive retailing landscape continues to evolve, it is important that vehicle manufacturers feel supported in their ability to deliver a seamless, omnichannel experience to their consumers.

Having spent years working on the optimisation of a buyer’s journey, there is nobody more equipped than the Automotive Transformation Group to grant OEMs the ability to capture their consumer’s attention. Using innovative technology and immersive visuals, our products can enhance both lead generation and vehicle sales regardless of whether your consumer has visited your showroom in person or in an online, ecommerce capacity.

Retention It is one skill to capture a consumer’s attention, but to retain that consumer and establish a sense of loyalty, is another skill entirely. Our OEM customers have access to an abundance of capabilities within our retention solution, enabling them to make informed and timely commercial decisions that will increase profit and customer satisfaction.

Refined over many years, our innovative solutions can not only deliver leads directly to your brand’s network, encouraging consumers to upgrade their vehicles more frequently, but they also have endless opportunities for data mining, which means companies can make strategic decisions with confidence.

Hear from our customers Customer satisfaction couldn’t be more important to us here at the Automotive Transformation Group. We encourage continual customer feedback to help us optimise our service and deliver long-term value to their organisations.

We’re excited to have The Automotive Transformation Group as a strong partner for Mercedes-Benz on our side and will continue expanding this collaboration. Their products help us elevate the digital experience for our customers and their team provides outstanding support! Oliver Niederer
Ecommerce Manager - Mercedes-Benz General Distributor Markets