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The world we live in looks incredibly different to the way it looked in 2020. The majority of car-buying journeys now start online, but that doesn't mean every consumer wants to end their journey that way. Whether they purchase a vehicle online, in-store or using a combination of the two is up to the consumer. Either way, our mission remains the same - to ensure the journeys are both simple and seamless.

Automotive Transformation Group deliver on the promise of omnichannel retailing through our product and services suite, titled Fusion. Our next-generation technology for the consumers of today. Right here. Right now. With no vapourware, no smoke, and no mirrors to speak of.

Fusion, is our suite of NetDirector® products and services. Technology designed to help Retailers, OEMs, Financers and Fleet Suppliers offer a truly seamless and omnichannel experience to their consumers.

Like some of the most industry-shifting innovations in history, Fusion is derived from a combination of art and science. The culmination of over 350 skilled individuals spanning design, data and engineering. By prioritising both scalability and flexibility, we empower customers to choose the products and services which best suit their needs. From ecommerce to vehicle management, order processing to document storage – even 3D visualisation.

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Our Vision

Automotive Transformation Group exist to make buying cars easy for consumers of Retailers, OEMs, Financiers and Fleet Suppliers across the globe. By creating better buying experiences for automotive consumers, we generate tangible cost savings, increased efficiency and consumer loyalty across omnichannel retailing.

We do this by utilising a unique combination of residual value data, award-winning ecommerce platforms, class-leading retention strategies, alliances with strategic automotive players and our highly experienced team, to ultimately provide innovative solutions to industry challenges.



The Automotive Transformation Group make bold claims regarding the products they offer and the support you’ll receive, and they deliver on every word. We are delighted with our new NetDirector® Auto-e platform. It’s innovative and clean while remaining authentic to our brand identity and we truly appreciate the effort that went into ensuring our business objectives were met. The training and regular contact provided by our account manager has allowed our confidence in the platform to thrive and we’ve been extremely impressed by the level of control that we have over web page content and advertising. We would not hesitate in recommending the Automotive Transformation Group as your digital transformation partner. Stewart McQuillan
Sales Director - OMC Motor Group
I’ve worked with the Automotive Transformation Group over the last 10 years at Marriott Motor Group and at another leading retailer group because they are the experts at what they do. There is a reason they are the class leading group when looking at their software and the people. I trust the Automotive Transformation Group when designing and operating something that reflects the businesses as they know what works and how to make the best product possible for us. The ability to have to have an open conversation and build great relationships with the team has meant we are at the forefront of the dealer and ecommerce market, staying ahead of the industry trends and able to adjust the platform very quickly to reflect this. Robert Mitchell
Head of Digital Marketing - Marriott Motor Group Limited
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