Disrupting the Disruptors. Quietly.

Automotive Transformation Group have been delivering value to the automotive industry for the past 20 years via our digital, retention and data solutions.

In that time, we have helped Retailers, OEMs, Financiers and Fleet Suppliers sell millions of cars both instore and online. In fact, while the pandemic forced showrooms into lockdown, we delivered ecommerce functionality to a third of the UK population in under 24 months, facilitating consistent online sales during a time of unprecedented change.

We don’t believe that disruption for the sake of disruption is a constructive activity. We would rather support an industry that has successfully navigated 120 years of delivering mobility. And, as time has told, we have every confidence the industry will continue to adapt, whatever the future brings.

Now more than ever, our customers are evolving their sales experiences to encompass every aspect of omnichannel retailing. And if we are behind the scenes empowering them throughout times of rapid evolution, we can be proud of what we have achieved, because our mission is not to disrupt, but to make vehicle sales simpler and easier for our customers.

What’s Changed?

We are now a proud member of the Automotive Transformation Group. This means that our customers now have access to a wide range of additional benefits which include but are not limited to:

  • Fully integrated, end-to-end ecommerce websites offering everything from finance calculations to part-exchange valuations.

  • Inventory and order processing platforms, that can grant full visibility of current and pipeline stock and provide real-time updates.

  • Lead management portals which support your sales team in the tracking of both leads and documentation.

  • Customer retention tools complete with lowest cost to change calculations and personalised offer notifications.

  • Cinematic visual displays which resonate with customers both online and offline.

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Automotive Transformation Group FAQs We know that change can be challenging. But just as we support our customers through rapid evolution, we aim to support you throughout this transition. Take a look at the frequently asked questions below...

What will happen to my existing products?


Your existing products are in safe hands at the Automotive Transformation Group. You should not experience any immediate changes to your current product offering and will be notified regarding any upgrades your business may qualify for. At no point should you experience any changes in the level of support provided.

Where do I go for support?


Our support teams are comprised of skilled specialists, all with extensive knowledge of the products we offer. For first line support queries regarding existing products, visit our support page where you will be directed the correct team.

Is the Automotive Transformation Group hiring?


Yes! The Automotive Transformation Group have embarked on a period of rapid growth as we expand our product offering. So, there has never been a more exciting time to join us on this journey. Take a look at our Career page for the latest vacancies and employee benefits.