Author: Seb Anning

Automotive Transformation Group Appoints Infinity As Its Preferred Partner For World-Class Customer Call And Marketing Campaign Insights

A new partnership between Automotive Transformation Group and Infinity brings end-to-end consumer phone call insights to the Group’s customer base

Celebrating our AM Award-winning Customers of 2022 

We’re celebrating the Automotive Transformation Group customers who were lucky enough to win an award at this year’s prestigious AM Awards Event

Omnichannel Car Retail: Six Areas Where Customer Experience Is Being ‘Re-Shaped’

Car retailers are embracing the omnichannel experience, but there’s still room for improvement.

Santander Consumer Finance Partners With Automotive Transformation Group To Launch A New Bespoke Renewals Platform For UK Retailers

We have partnered with Santander Consumer Finance to deliver Gateway3Sixty, a new bespoke renewals platform which will allow UK retailer partners to engage with customers in a new and exciting way.

ADESA UK announces collaboration with Automotive Transformation Group to deliver a digital aged stock solution

We're delighted to announce the collaboration with ADESA UK in order to revolutionise the way their stock is displayed, processed and sold.