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Automotive Transformation Group Appoints Infinity As Its Preferred Partner For World-Class Customer Call And Marketing Campaign Insights

A new partnership between Automotive Transformation Group and Infinity brings end-to-end consumer phone call insights to the Group’s customer base

Celebrating our AM Award-winning Customers of 2022 

We’re celebrating the Automotive Transformation Group customers who were lucky enough to win an award at this year’s prestigious AM Awards Event

Santander Consumer Finance Partners With Automotive Transformation Group To Launch A New Bespoke Renewals Platform For UK Retailers

We have partnered with Santander Consumer Finance to deliver Gateway3Sixty, a new bespoke renewals platform which will allow UK retailer partners to engage with customers in a new and exciting way.

ADESA UK announces collaboration with Automotive Transformation Group to deliver a digital aged stock solution

We're delighted to announce the collaboration with ADESA UK in order to revolutionise the way their stock is displayed, processed and sold.

Automotive Transformation Group Reflects on 2022’s Annual Fleet Awards

We're looking back on how our clients and customers performed at the annual Fleet Awards.