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As a Group, we already support over 10,000 locations globally, including more than half of the UK franchised dealers, helping them to embrace the opportunities afforded by ecommerce and omnichannel overall.

Working with many of the world’s leading car brands and dealers, including Jaguar Land Rover, Kia and Volkswagen, we serve over 10,000 locations across 96 countries. Using our unrivalled in-house data, insight and technology expertise, we forge next-generation technology and software supporting them in delivering  

superior digital experiences to today’s connected consumer, handling millions of transactions daily and over $4 billion per year. 

Whether it’s connecting vehicle and consumer, serving the right offer at the right time to the right customer and then facilitating the seamless transition from one vehicle to another, or providing new, personalised services, or, creating a fully end-to-end automotive ecommerce platform, we have the right, flexible and scalable solutions for your business, to enhance the efficiency, quality, speed and commercial return of your operations. 

Dealer ecommerce 

In our portfolio, our ultimate ecommerce solution is NetDirector® Auto-e – the ecommerce platform of choice for many of the most successful dealer and car brands across the globe, including BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Built on class-leading technology, it is a highly-converting, performance-focused solution, driven by real-time data to improve conversions and deliver the highest possible customer satisfaction levels. 

Refined over time to serve the automotive industry better than any other, it’s here to future-proof your business, both today and tomorrow. 

Whether your business has just started on the road to auto ecommerce, or you want to take things to the next level, NetDirector® Auto-e giving is completely scalable, giving you the flexibility to embrace change at a pace that suits you. So, whether it’s taking deposits online, or a full end-to-end system, including online finance applications and instant approvals, our team and technology are here to support you all the way. 

The state-of-the-art software empowers your customers by providing all the tools they’ll need to complete an engaging and intuitive buying journey. Plus, it offers the capability to move in and out of a purchasing experience, with human support from your teams online and offline as needed. It also enables them to make informed decisions, on their terms, and at their convenience. 

Able to be seamlessly integrated into existing websites, NetDirector® Auto-e comes with built-in tools, from part-exchange valuations, customer reviews and pricing systems, to end-to-end finance, advanced live chat and enhanced security, which will drive greater levels of transactions from the outset. At the same time, it will drive transactions, as our technology makes life simpler for the buyer, by making searching for and calculating the affordability of their next vehicle child’s play. 

Digital Inventory Presentation 

The presentation of a retailer’s inventory, be it at multi franchise, single or independent level, is absolutely crucial based on the demands of the biggest digital disruptor today, the automotive vehicle purchaser.  The embellishment of vehicle data is the first part of the journey, along with the visual presentation of the product itself. Our NetDirector® Inventory management platform has enabled millions of cars to be displayed for millions of buyers. The platform has been carefully designed to encourage consumers to enquire, pay a reservation fee or purchase the vehicle via full payment or finance application. NetDirector® Inventory also allows the integration of third party products that visually enrich the experience for today’s purchaser.  With multiple tools on the market, like Snapcell and Instavid, the deployment of a full digital retail experience has seen retailers increase their online sales from an organic 6% of monthly vehicles sales coming via the website, to more than triple that, driven by our digital inventory solution integrating with our NetDirector® Auto-e End to End.  

Importing inventory into our NetDirector® platform is only one part of the movement of stock into today’s marketplace. With the continual growth of portals and syndication partners, we create over 550 export feeds daily to present inventory at different parts of the digital retailer journey. Actively manage and monitor your vehicle stock advertising across the increasingly cluttered and complex landscape of used-vehicle sales platforms in the UK. Save time on needless administration and manual multi-portal management with NetDirector® Stock. 

Dealer Aftersales  

Online automotive retail is more than simply browsing, selecting and purchasing your next car. 

Today’s modern consumer expect to be able to source almost anything online, so why should accessories, parts and service plans be any different. Offering aftersales ecommerce solutions for your business can pay significant dividends, not just for your bottom line, but also in delivering unrivalled customer satisfaction and retention. 

For as few or as many aspects of your after-sales business which you wish to offer digitally, our leading-edge tech-led solutions enable both OEMs and retailers to offer everything available from a showroom service department offline, online. Naturally, as an ecommerce solution, it also supports your business in seeking out business opportunities and reaching customers much further away than just your local market territory, with the commercial benefits to match.Not to mention the convenience, trust and transparency for your loyal customers too. 

Customer & Finance Retention

In today’s increasingly digitalised automotive industry, both dealers and funders need the right data, at the right time, in the right place, in order to make informed, timely commercial decisions to optimise customer satisfaction levels and stay ahead of the competition. 

There has never been more consumer choice or convenience in the automotive industry. As a result, the need to retain and grow customer loyalty has become even more paramount. As a Group, we offer some of the most advanced retention and data insight solutions available anywhere in the global automotive sector to drive your business forward. 

Key2Key gives dealers the power to identify and tailor a bespoke new vehicle package for a specific customer in seconds, thereby eliminating painstaking manual research time which can be better spent on proactive customer activities. 

Making optimum use of existing rates, discounts and incentives, the system seamlessly calculates the lowest cost-to-change solution available – based on their budget. 

The car buyer wins by upgrading their car for less than they probably expected, while the dealer receives leads with significantly higher conversion rates – all supported by an intuitive dashboard which provides a clear and easy to understand side-by-side comparison of existing and new deals to present to each customer to secure the sale.

Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, it can be rapidly configured and scaled from a single dealership’s marketing function, right up to an entire dealer network or territory, regardless of language or data constraints. Delivered via its powerful toolkit, it offers innumerable data-mining, campaign management and incentives distribution capabilities in a single platform. Alongside it, the integrated Business Rules Engine enables powerful automated digital marketing and lead distribution. Customer convenience is also assured thanks to Personal Landing Pages, allowing them to interact with offers in a single place at their own pace.  

It is also integration-ready with APIs that can be configured to integrate with any DMS, LMS or website. 

The P360 platform includes C360, a direct-to-consumer app which puts the customer at the heart of any transaction. It offers interactive finance calculations, allowing them to enter their preferred package parameters in their own time, before progressing their purchase with a dealer, be it offline or online.   


Dealer Marketing Services 

Having a strong digital marketing strategy and approach is critical to any business. And automotive retail is no exception.  88% of car buyers research online before visiting a showroom. Having a strong, differentiated digital presence, targeted at the right users and the optimum time, is critical.  Our team of experienced digital marketing specialists can help you to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

From optimising your SEO, to creating engaging social media content or identifying the optimum paid advertising avenues, we can support your business at each stage. Plus, they can also track key metrics and results, ensuring that your resources are evaluated and invested in the right ways to drive your growth. When it comes to online consumer behaviour, we use unique insights to explore usage patterns and trends, ensuring that every opportunity is optimised to the full. 

Business Intelligence   

With over 4 billion interactions recorded in more than 50 countries, we are one of the most established players for Business Intelligence in the global automotive industry. 

Our flagship solution – NetDirector® BI – is used by a plethora of stakeholders in the sector to support top-tier, real-time operational decision making.   

The car buying process is a complex and multi-faceted journey. To ensure optimum data tracking and analytics, NetDirector® BI looks beyond traditional models and instead focuses on consumer behaviour and their interactions over extended periods. 

To make your data lake work reliably, seamlessly and securely, we run with several state-of-the-art Amazon platforms, taking care of everything required to run and scale your operations with high availability. And because the world never stands still, we can also make it easy for you to collect, process, and analyse real-time, streaming data for timely insights and react swiftly accordingly, wherever you are in the world. 

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